Brushless motors Vs Electric RC cars

People talk about the toy drones but a very few people discuss about the internal machinery behind the speedy drones. Brushless motors are being used in every toy as well as professional drones.

Gool RC Brushless motor:

Gool RC Brushless motor is manufacturing good quality brushless motors. Have many multiple features which ensures the protection of the motor. Weight is not too much. All the things are kept in prefect measurements because this the backbone behind the efficiency of the drone. Have a look on the specifications, pros and cons.


Motor Specifications:

  • Weight of the brushless motor is 148 grams.
  • Dimensions are about 4 x 3.1x 2.4 inches.
  • Oversized bearings of high RPM.
  • Motor design is 4 pole hi-torque.
  • Maximum current capacity is 66ampere.
  • It is compatible to have a maximum Watt of 820.
  • 4mm banana connector is used to connect it.
  • Low voltage, cut-off protection, over heating protection throttle signal protection ability is present in it.
  • It will cost you ranging from 20$ to 50$.

ESC Specification:

Let talk about the Electronic Speed Control which is the part of brushless motor.

  • Maximum current it need to work efficiency is 45ampere.
  • It need burst current of about 260ampere.
  • Battery is made up of 2-3S Li-Po.
  • SBEC output volt and current is 5.8 and 3 respectively.
  • It also need connector of 4mm of banana.


  • For extended life rebuild new brush.
  • Controlling through two wires.
  • No extra controller is required.
  • Simple and easy to control.


  • Required a periodic maintenance.
  • Lower speed range.
  • Hight cost is used for construction.

RC Electric Cars:

Electrical RC cars uses electronic speed control units to makes the amount of power provided to the electric motor. The power delivered is proportional to the amount of throttle called for by the transmitter.  Electronic speed controllers use solid state components to regulate duty cycle, adjusting the power delivered to the electrical motor. RC electric cars are very much in demand these days and are much reliable to use Electric RC cars uses as toys needs less energy as well as less maintenance. Electric RC cars used brushed motors earlier but brushless motors need lower rate of maintenance and gives more output so many people are using Electric RC cars for use.

The Bottom Line:

Time to wrap up the article. GoolRC is manufacturing quality products especially brushless motors. Moreover,  electric RC cars requires a brushless motor because they give best output which is beyond your imagination.

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